Remote File Editing with OSXFuse & SSHFS

Install Dependencies

  • Install OSXFuse with Mac Fuse Compatibility enabled.
  • Install SSHFS

Verify Installation

$ sshfs --version

You should read something similar to the following:

SSHFS version 2.4 (OSXFUSE SSHFS 2.4.1)
OSXFUSE library version: FUSE 2.7.3 / OSXFUSE 2.7.3
no mount point

Mount directory

$ mkdir ~/<remote-site-domain>
$ sshfs -o IdentityFile=<private-key> user@host:/<directory> ~/<remote-site-domain>

Since we are using SSH this step requires you to have setup SSH keys for the remote location.

Replace <remote-site-domain> with directory name, generally I use the remote site domain, such as

Start Editing

$ cd ~/<remote-site-domain>
$ atom .

Happy Editing, no complex sync systems or editor plugins required.


When you’re done editing to unmount the remote server simply use the umount command:

$ sudo umount -f ~/<remote-site-domain>